Vampire Beauty Procedures

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Platelet Rich Plasma

PRP Therapy is a popular skin rejuvenating treatment. The colloquial name “Vampire Facial” comes from the use of the patient’s own blood in the treatment, and the prevalence of vampires in popular culture.

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Vampire Facial - Vampire Breast Lift - Vampire Facelift

PRP therapy was first developed, used and validated for orthopedic surgery with a body of clinical literature accumulated over more than thirty years. In this treatment, the healing platelets from blood plasma separated from a patient’s own blood are re-injected into the body to enhance healing.

Developed by Dr. Charles Runels, MD, the Vampire Facial ®, Vampire Facelift ®, and Vampire Breast Lift ® are non-surgical beauty procedures. In these procedures, a patient's blood is drawn and the plasma rich platelets that are extracted from the blood. The Platelets are then reintroduced into the body according to a proprietary procedure.

Only those medical providers who have undergone rigorous training are licensed and permitted to use the "Vampire" name to promote their procedure. Don't be fooled by imposers who have not been properly trained to provide this procedure safely.

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  • Fully Licensed  ACCMA Provider
  • Providers have undergone training by Dr. Runels, MD. 
  • Medically Supervised

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