Medical Weight Loss

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Medical Weight Loss

Lose weight quickly, safely and under the supervision of our licensed physicians.

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You Can only look as good as you feel

You have tried the latest diets; they worked for a week or even a month...then? You joined a went; you got home and quickly learned that you can't out exercise a bad diet. The secret to maintaining a healthy weight is not really a's the right balance of diet and exercise. However, sometimes getting to that point takes a little more than sheer willpower. That is where we can help.

At Treat Wellness & Shine, we offer a weight loss program that not only sheds the pounds quickly but also keeps them off? We offer a safe and effective plan that pairs science with good habits...and the results are incredible. Most looking to lose weight want to not just shed the extra pounds – but shed them fast! While quick weight loss is possible, it’s rarely sustainable and could even be dangerous when approached the wrong way. That’s why Treat Wellness & Shine offers a proprietary plan that incorporates immediate weight loss results accompanied with learning a health lifestyle.

We incorporate proven safe and effective weight loss treatments under the supervisions of one of our doctors. Our program will help you burn fat while supporting lean muscle health, suppress your appetite, eliminate those cravings that can quickly wreck your weight loss efforts and reset your metabolism.

This program can help to create a healthier you. By incorporating healthy habits you are able to maintain your new weight. Achieve and sustain your ideal weight at Treat Wellness and Shine.

Don't believe us? See the Dr. Oz episode here.


  • Proven and effective weight loss program
  • No fad diets to follow
  • Medically Supervised

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